The Wings of a Hero

Adventure 1 - 3: Lost In Space

Captain’s Log, entry 1
Upon learning of a possible saboteur onboard, I enact security protocols to regularly patrol mission critical systems.
Ensigns Yang and Stan report having landed on the comet and discovered that it’s an old drivespace navigation beacon. From it, they recover two jump points: One further away from the galaxy, perhaps where our original forced jump was intended, and the other point would return us home to Sol.

Space Emperor’s Log, entry 2
Our chief medical officer, Hudson Smith, accompanied by a member of security, head towards systems to fix our image capturing sensors. On the way, they are attacked by an unknown person in crewman clothes. Security and I pursue the attacker, while Hudson Smith prevents his escape by activating the escape pod he was attempting to reach. The saboteur is disabled and thrown into the brig.
After a suspicious amount of time, ensigns Yang and Stan return from the comet beacon with a slightly damaged shuttle, though they report no difficulties.

Space GOD Emperor’s Log, entry 3
Our chief engineer, Oliver Smith, reports that with the addition of some non-regulation modifications, the jump drive should be good for one more activation.
We are given no time to consider other options as three modified cargo ships approach to weapons range. I sound the red alert and we take position on the other side of the comet, hoping to buy time until the jump drive finishes charging.
We receive a transmission from the ships, proclaiming themselves as Bad Sky and ordering we turn our ship over under salvage rights. They inform us they’ve “already captured the other ship”, and I answer by returning weapons fire.
The crewmen all perform admirably, and we hold our own until the jump drive activates. We reach the Sol system, and I report our position. Seven hours later, Captain Blackwood arrives and escorts us to UCC Headquarters.

Regular Old Ensign’s Log, entry 4
All onboard officers meet with Admiral Ross and Liane Mohini. We bring them up to speed on what transpired after our forced jump from the simulated battle. I learn the shuttle we deployed before the forced jump did indeed recover the probe, and I proclaim our flawless victory over both the standardized and unstandardized portions of the test.
We nearly forget to mention the message discovered in the FTL software left by BS Aardvark.
After the meeting and some well deserved rest, we report to Captain Blackwood, who arms us and gives us our new orders:
We’re to accompany Admiral Ross and Captain Blackwood on the Deliverance to rescue our fellow cadets from Bad Sky.

Adventure 1 - 2: The Academy
A lesson in all things

In the year 2387 our heroes were finally accepted into the U.C.C. academy. Hudson and Oliver Smith, mechanical brothers of mars, Wesley Jarlsberg-Yang, a speed freak from the distant world of Horizon and Jayden Beams, the pop idol of Mithuna. Masters in their own fields they were unsure what they could possibly learn from this new school. Lieutenant Commander Max Efraim quickly showed them how little they knew. Before they had even arrived at the academy the first trial began, a decompression alarm sounded and they found themselves scrambling to seal themselves in their uniforms.

The trials did not become easier and it quickly became apparent what the academy was about, they weren’t their to hone their best skills but to become well rounded officers ready for any eventuality. The dreaded obstacle course, weapons training, flight and system operations lessons soon became the norm. From the first day on the obstetrical course it was clear that our heroes were not the only talent a the school and over the next few years they got to know their classmates.

Celso Berto and Jayden Beams quickly began locking horns, trying to outdo each other in all things. This competitive nature only grew when Beams lead the class to a resounding victory in the simulated command test.

Jenny Topaz and Aldus Stan were polar opposites but their friendly and helpful natures soon ingratiated them with our heroes.

Sarkis Kruger a hulking mechanical man with a questionable past and a temper that always seemed to barely be under control. He was expelled following a fight with the quite Branko and Oliver Smith and a number of other cadets.

When the final test rolled around the heroes and their classmates learned that they were on a short list to get stationed on the U.C.C.’s new ship, the Deliverance. There was only one catch, their was only catch. Only half of them would get the posting.

The test put the newly commissioned officers on the brides of actual U.C.C. ships (the Solstice and Equinox) in a competition to retrieve a lost probe. Beams, Yang, the Smiths and Stan found themselves facing down the rest of their class lead by Berto. The test was going well and our Heroes could taste victory when alarms began to blare. Their FTL drive was firing up with no change to shut it down. Yang was only just able to make a correction before the ship jumped into the unknown.

Their ship disabled and lost in the inky void of deep space the crew quickly went about bringing systems online. They quickly got their bearings and found they were only one jump away from the Sol system but they were not alone. Yang and Stan had taken a shuttle to investigate a nearby comet when they picked up a ship rapidly approaching. Hoping to make a speedy get away Oliver had ordered the repair crews to fix the main engines only to find that one had been sabotaged.

The unknown ship was was only hours out and most of the Solstices systems were still disabled. Isolated from any support how would they face the unknown?


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