Mithuna was the first world to be colonized outside of the sol system and while the first attempt ended with the mysterious disappearance of all the colonists subsequent attempts yielded a vibrant society. Long years of struggle and hard work have forged the people of Mithuna have a strong identity and are fiercely independent. They arrived on a rough and barren planet and turned it into a budding world.

The planet itself is still rather barren. While forests and farmlands thrive around the populated areas the majority of the planets surface is scarred. Large indigenous red vines criss cross the land scape destroying everything they encounter.

Left on the western coast of the planet lies the ruins of the Nova colony. While the vines have begun to overgrow it the buildings have withstood the elements well. Many people vist the site and it has become a thriving tourest attraction as well as a mystery and ongoing investigation.

While Mithuna is heavily populated most of the population is concentrated in or near it’s four major cities. Smaller towns and farming communities are dispersed within a few hundred miles of the cities. A large space elevator serves as the primary access to the planet from orbit. The elevator is connected from Cyboe station to just a few kilometers south of Cinnro city, the capital of Mithuna.

Ruins of the Nova colony

Orbital stations

Type: Terrestrial World
Orbital: Radius 2.71 × 10^9 km (18.1 AU)
Period 46.35 hours
Gravity 12.16 m/s2 (1.24 x earth)
Hydrosphere Water 30 %, Ice 17 %
Atmosphere: Dense breathable
Biosphere: Microbes, plant like vines
Orbital bodies: None
Civilization: Colony

Type Standard iron/silicate
Radius 7540.84 km (1.18 x earth)
Surface Area 7.15 × 108 km2
Land Area 5.07 × 108 km2 (3.41 x earth)
Mass 1.04 × 1025 kg (1.74 x earth)
Density 5.80 g/cm3 (1.05 x earth)
Composition 32.2% iron, 24.4% oxygen, 20.9% aluminum, 17.3% silicon, 5.1% other metals, trace other elements

Gravity 12.16 m/s2 (1.24 x earth)
Escape Velocity 13.54 km/s

Period 46.35 hours
Axis Tilt 26.70 °

Water 30 %
Ice 17 %

Type Dense breathable
Pressure 123.62 kPa (1.22 x earth)
Composition 70.9% nitrogen, 14.2% oxygen, 11.4% Argon, 3.2% Carbon dioxide, 0.4% methane, trace other gases

Type Cool
Min Temp 212 K (-61 °C)
Avg Temp 291 K (17 °C)
Max Temp 362 K (89 °C)

Type: Colonized world
Population: 3.4 billion
Capital: Cinnro city

Features: Ruins of a abandoned colony, indigenous red vines.

Mithuna world map

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