The center of human life with the largest density of humans found across the four inhabited systems. The Sol system has eight planets and one star. Two of the worlds are inhabited along with several moons and space stations.

The Sol System
Sun – Yellow star, center of the solar system.
Mercery – Rocky world, 0.4 AU
Venue – Rocky world, 0.7 AU
Earth – Colonized world, 1 AU
Mars – Colonized world, 1.5 AU
Astroid belt – Astroid belt, 3 AU
Jupiter – Jovian world, 5.2 AU
Saturn – Jovian world, 9.5 AU
Uranus – Jovian world, 19.2 AU
Neptune – Jovian world, 30 AU
Kepler belt – Astroid belt, 55 AU

Star Systems
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